Feasibility study and concept design for a new Data Centre for the largest polish national Bank.

Through a strategic relationship with Hewlett Packard Critical Facilities Services we are providing the architectural services for the feasibility study and concept design of three new data centre for largest national polish Bank – PKO. Our involvement included site assessment, feasibility studies, concept design and continuing consultancy support.

The premises selected for PKO Bank new data centre is located approximately 8 km west of Warsaw City, Poland. The land plot area is about 1.5ha. The site is a “green field”, post agricultural site.

The site was arranged with the buildings centrally placed with a clear perimeter zone for circulation, maintenance access and security monitoring.

The design is predicated on the importance of resilience of the facility for the Uptime Institute’s requirements for Tier III compliance. Critical systems such as the chilled water systems have been designed with N+2 resilience exceeding the requirement of the Uptime Institute, with looped paths for the chilled water between the systems to enable concurrent maintainability of the pipework systems; together with an option to further enhance the systems with an additional N resilience for the cooling system, so that there is a full standby system available to keep the Data Centre fully operational in event of and unforeseen emergency.

The design parameters have been carefully developed to provide the highest availability and redundancy while taking into consideration the cost, functionality and the resiliency levels of the other components of the data centre such as the network, server, storage and cabling components.