VISA Europe

Leading Financial Services Provider, Various sites, UK.

TPArchitects is retained by a global financial service provider to provide architectural services, on an on-going framework basis on various premises in the UK.

  • Relocation of ‘Bridge’ – security, command and network operations centre. Extremely challenging project within the 24h operational data centre where all services had to be maintained live and with no interruptions to ongoing operations. Flawless transition of the old bridge/war room into the new and upgraded location was an absolute must.
  • Re-fitting out and upgrading of office wing east. It was absolutely crucial for this large office upgrade to be delivered within the shortest possible time scale. Close collaboration between the designers, contractor and facility managers was the key to success of this project.
  • New incoming HV supply and HV Upgrading.
  • New Data Suite.
  • Re-fitting out of office wing west. Coordination of the contractor, sub-contractors, designers and facility managers was the most demanding task to deliver this project within the limited, low operations time slot.
  • Alterations and extensions at existing loading area, to create staging and IT build areas. Growing facility demands improvements to its logistic infrastructure including storage, staging area and new IT build rooms. It is particularly challenging within the 24h operational facility. Very careful planning, phasing of works and coordination was needed for the success of this upgrade project.