Institute Road Houses

Development of ‘Railway Cottages’ comprising 12 Affordable and 5 Market dwellings.

Two Phase project comprising a total of:

Phase 1 (Block 1), contains 48 flats (all private sale) within a single block with a full basement car park for 61 cars.

Phase 2 (Block 2), contains 18 flats (6 for private sale and 12 for affordable housing) with surface parking for 29 cars. The development has a communal playground and refuse facilities.

The site runs along the side of the Great Western Railway. The line of the Green Belt boundary runs diagonally across the site dividing the land into two wedge shaped parcels. The dividing line follows the alignment of the tracks of a Victorian railway siding which is believed to have ceased operation in the 1950’s/1960’s.

A 2.0 metre high acoustic fence was constructed along the boundary with the railway, leaving a landscaped buffer zone of varying width between the site boundary and the building. This would allow planting between the building and the railway.

Flats in both blocks that faced the railway were provided with mechanical ventilation to allow ventilation without opening windows.

The siting of the buildings partially within the Metropolitan Green Belt resulted in the following design considerations:

A reduction in paved areas (paths, roads, parking) around the building and an increase in porous surfaces.
An increase in useable amenity space with additional area for lawns and planting around the building, resulting in enhanced screening and setting for the building.
The removal of a car park at the front of the buildings and the introduction of two smaller, less dominant car parks set either side of the building.
A reduction in ridge height as viewed from the Green Belt.