Data Centre Walldorf

Feasibility study and concept design of a universal multi-disciplinary Data Centre.

Through a strategic relationship with Hewlett Packard Critical Facilities Services we were member of an international, multi-disciplinary design team created to design a universal data centre which could be implemented in most locations on the globe.

During this challenging task number of global locations have been discussed and analysed with particular attention to Germany and USA. Number of workshops took place in order to come up with the most universal design and specification.

The data centre design has been based on the modular concept. Each data centre module is independent and can be built at any time. Next modules can be added to the existing data centre.

Each module maximum IT load is 2MW which gives the total maximum load per data centre at 8MW. The module consist of 2 data halls and each data hall maximum IT load is 1MW.The mechanical infrastructure can grow together with the IT load demand in steps of 250 kW which is IT load covered by each cooling unit. However the electrical infrastructure has to be built per module and at day one will cover full module load of 2 MW IT load.