Henley Cricket Club

Greenbelt development to replace 1930’s Pavilion.

A high profile project to design and build a traditional cricket pavilion, replaced a much-loved 1930’s building.  It needed to be aesthetically consistent with the previous structure, but at the same time provide completely modern and flexible facilities for use year round, improving space and access.

Overcoming conservation area and flood plain issues and meeting ECB requirements to ensure the release of grants were crucial aspects. Completing construction during the closed season was also critical.

The solution was to sit the building on stilts above the flood plain. A structural steel frame enabled us to fast track construction so that work could progress over the winter. Outwardly, the building looks the same, indeed many locals think it has only been refurbished. It has however doubled in size. High levels of insulation together with hidden solar panels and air source heat pumps ensure that running costs are low.

“This was a difficult project in design terms, with a strict budget. TPArchitects were tireless in their negotiations with the planning authorities and extremely helpful during all phases of the construction” Danny Hall, Grounds Chairman, Henley Cricket Club.