Optimise Your Office, Retail Or Hospitality Space

Renovate, remodel and extend your facilities to work harder

The challenges for commercial and retail property sectors

With restrictive planning controls and building regulations, developments in the commercial and retail sector are challenging. Very few projects are straightforward.

You may be experiencing the problems of tight urban infill, demanding local authorities, heavily constrained sites, listed buildings or difficult neighbours.

You may wish to refurbish and upgrade facilities to provide a contemporary interior or build a new flexible space that reflects your business ethos and goals and is more suitable for the digital age.

Over 35 years’ experience of design and implementation

Whatever you build, from a complex mixed-use scheme to a hotel extension or a new retail outlet, TP Architects has over 35 years’ experience of design and implementing similar projects.

Obtaining a Planning Consent is not straightforward. Knowing whether planning is achievable to meet your investment goals and recognising the challenges to be overcome early in the project is essential.

We have a strong track record in gaining planning consent first time and wide knowledge of all current planning requirements, including Permitted Development (works not requiring planning consent).

Sustainable design and imaginative solutions

A rigorous, comprehensive approach will provide a range of options to meet your expectations.

We are experienced in technical design and have a capacity to focus the design to meet your requirements, handle your project and offer strategic advice to ensuring the best value for your investment.

Commercial, office and retail developments form a significant part of our practice portfolio. We specialise in imaginative solutions to alter and extend existing buildings, to add new floors, remodelling and fitting-out the interior spaces.

We can rationalise and extend your existing premises or design a new building, customised for your specific production, storage or administrative needs.  We can tailor your designs to allow for future expansion as the business grows and funds become available. We aim to provide and encourage a sustainable design solution in all our projects.


With TP Architects you get:

  • Planning success, where others have failed
  • Imagination, boldness and vision necessary to design attractive, recognisable, ultimately iconic buildings
  • BREEAM Outstanding or Excellent buildings, and sustainable design solutions in all our projects
  • Accurate costings, realistic timetables and a schedule of requirements
  • Expert opinion on location, access, impact on the neighbourhood, highways, fire safety, height limitations, conservation areas, listed building, everything needed to ensure all planning, building and environmental standards are achieved.
  • Experience in refurbishing and upgrading facilities introduce contemporary design for the digital age.
  • Full Contract Management skills to take a design to full completion, ensuring that the materials and construction complies with the latest building regs, contractors are competent and work is monitored through to completion.
  • Problem solving to ensure no hidden contractual surprises

Questions to consider

  • Want to replan, rationalise and extend your hotel?
  • Want to refurbish your office space to provide a contemporary work environment?
  • Need to reconsider your property investments and obtain a Change of Use?
  • Require a Master Plan for your site, to allow for future expansion as the business grows

Our no-nonsense, practical and thorough approach to any project means we can identify and ‘’design out’ potential problems, to minimise additional costs. Following a site visit, we can provide an honest, realistic and accurate prediction of your project’s potential and viability, before your money is invested.

Early advice on the likelihood of establishing a Planning Consent or Change of Use, will assist you to make the best decisions.

To discuss a site visit or feasibility study contact Peter Thomas or Ed Drysdale on 01628 412388 For more information please download our Practice document here.